Datastream for research & thesis

Complementary background videos

Datastream is a database "overlay" that enables you to access through an interface a variety of different databases to which your University is subscribed. Datastream coverage includes both contemporaneous and historic financial data on (stock market-listed) companies' financial statement items (accuonting data), stocks and corporate bonds, options, stock market indexes, macro-economic data and interestrates, mutual funds (unit trusts), and company-specific non-financial (environmental, social, and corporate governance) ESG data. 


The videos below enable you to work with datastream in various ways, ranging from basic data lookup to retrieve company data to uploading an entire list of "company iderntifiers" in order to retrieve financial and non-financial data for a whole set of companies at once.

1. This first clip on Datastream explain how to use basic functions of Datastream for excel to download financial data on companies.

2. How to search for data based on more elaborate search criteria. An example illustrates extended search criteria for finding data on a stock index: the S&P 500.

3. This clip demonstrates how to obtain time-series economic data, in this case GDP for the U.S., by using extended search criteria in Datastream.

4. Retrieve historic ESG data for all firms in ASSET4, match it with Datastream's and Worldscope's financials.

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