Financial databases: explanation for research & thesis

Complementary background videos

How to retrieve large-scale financial data, match databases, and import data in spreadsheet software


These consecutive clips are to provide you with knowledge about popular databases that are used by researchers and practitioners in the domain of sustainable finance. The clips demonstrate how to search for companies and their financials (including stock market data and accounting data), compile list to retrieve data on many companies at once, and how to access specific data on corporate environmental, social and governance (ESG) scores, policies and practices.

For illustrative purposes, these clips are provide as  "open access" learning material. Some videos are from external sources.

Retrieve historic ESG data for all firms in ASSET4, match it with Datastream's and Worldscope's financials.

WRDS - retrieve company financials and create lists of firms as query input, with Compustat and Excel.

WRDS - External video: uploading a list of company codes in WRDS.

Retrieve historic financial data on a set of firms through Factset for Excel...

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