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Find out more about what practitioners say and do with regard to sustainable finance in this collection of publicly available video material. You will see examples of practioners talking about issues such as sustainable equity investments, pension fund activism for sustainability, sustainable banking, integrated reporting, and sustainability in the real estate sector.

TEDx talk: employee satisfaction and equity returns

Source: TEDx LBS / youtube

Professor Alex Edmans (LBS) explains his finance research on Best Companies to Work For. Do firms with strong ESG factors perform better in the stock market? Enjoy his take on an important "S"factor... 

The economics of philantropy by wealthy millionaires

Maastricht University's Paul Smeets talk about his exclusive research on social behavior by wealhthy millionaires. What are implications for businesses? 

Nordea Funds: ESG risks and opportunities

Source: Nordea Funds

Nordea explains that sound investments involve detecting hidden risks, and that environmental, social and governance metrics can help.

Company Spotlight: RobecoSAM on Sustainability Investing

RobecoSAM's "The Truth Behind Sustainable Investing" explains why they believe it is all about traditional financial analysis.

UN Principles for Responsible Investments

​What are the Principles for Responsible Investing? And what does it mean to be signatory of the PRI? (PRI)

Creating Shared Value

This video outlines Creating Share Value, the new busines trend toward integrating sustainability in the DNA of the company in order to  create value for shareholders and for society.

Sustainable Finance at APG

Source: FS Insight

FS Insight Interview with Claudia Kruse

APG believes that consideration of environmental, social and governance issues helps them to make better investment decisions, be a responsible asset manager, and contribute to a more sustainable capital market. 

Al Gore and David Blood on Sustainable Capitalism

Source: Fung Global Institute

Learn how Al Gore and David Blood from Generations Asset Management think about sustainable capitalism, the role of environmental and social challenges, and short-termism in financial markets, in this interview from Fung Global Institute.

Rob Bauer on Shareholder Engagement

Rob Bauer, Professor of Institutional Investors at Maastricht University,  shares his thoughts about shareholder activism on environmental, social and corporate governance issues...

Company Spotlight: Sustainable Banking at Triodos

This video explains Sustainable Banking according to Triodos Bank.

Equator Principles and Banking reform in Nigeria

Source: “Unique joint sustainable banking effort in Nigeria’”, Carey Bohjanen,, January 18, 2013

Carey Bohjanen, Managing Director of Sustainable Finance Advisory, shares her experience on the transition of the Nigerian banking sector towards the adoption of sustainable banking principles. 

CalPERS on ESG Investing

Source: CalPERS Insight

Anne Simpson, senior portfolio manager and director of corporate governance at the California Public Employees' Retirement System (CalPERS), talks about the importance of ESG factors in investing at CalPERS. She explains how ESG factors are considered in the interest of the beneficiaries. 

GRESB 2012: Sustainability is moving up in global real estate sector

Source: FS Insight

Nils Kok talks about the latest results of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) survey in this interview with FS Insight.

Source: “G4, the next stage in sustainability reporting”, Ingrid Ramaan,, June 14, 2013

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