ECCE-DSF Programme: Corporate Sustainability and Value Creation

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This programme provides participants with a framework on how corporate sustainability translates into value creation and how to best integrate sustainability factors into core business strategies and operations.

Key benefits

- Learn about the key concepts and debates in the field of corporate sustainability.

- Sharpen your understanding about the mega trends in the corporate and financial world that drive corporate sustainability.

- Deepen your knowledge of how corporate sustainability affects the key value drivers of a company (e.g. operating margin, cost of capital, asset productivity).

- Broaden your understanding of the sector-specific Key Performance Indicators related to corporate sustainability.

- Learn how to strengthen the interaction between investors and corporations regarding sustainability topics.

Who should attend?

Business, finance and investment professionals who want to deepen their understanding of how corporate sustainability can contribute to value creation. Typical roles include: corporate strategists, CSR managers, investment managers, corporate finance professionals, investor relations professionals, line managers.

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