Msc. International Business - Sustainable Finance



Maastricht University's Brand New International Business Specialization

This is a new specialization about Finance: Sustainable finance. Since the financial crisis, banks and corporations have been under criticism for boosting short-term profits at the expense of long-term value creation. More than ever before businesses and the financial sector are experiencing the need to work towards an improved view of capitalism: one in which markets and companies better respond to long-term risks and opportunities. In this context, sustainability – once seen as a niche topic – is fast becoming a core part of the mission of financial institutions and companies.



A long-term perspective for sound financial decisions

Sustainability means taking a long-term perspective. It’s about meeting our needs now, without jeopardising the potential for people in the future to meet their needs. This specialisation within the Msc. International Business Program brings the principles of sustainability together with the study of finance. On the one hand, to make sound financial decisions for the future, organisations need a good understanding of sustainability challenges. And on the other hand, a sustainable society needs a healthy financial and business sector.



Will you become part of a new generation of finance professionals?

Financial institutions and companies today are increasing their focus on three key elements of sustainability: environment, society and governance (ESG). How can financial institutions offer sustainable investment opportunities to clients as part of their business case? Can they make better investment and lending decisions by considering environmental and social risks and opportunities? Do corporations financially benefit from having green buildings? And how can managers be rewarded in ways that promote long-term value rather than short-term returns? To answer these questions and more, companies need the special know-how of a new generation of finance professionals. Professionals with a strong grounding in traditional finance, who can enhance financial decision making by taking sustainability into account.



Learn to enhance mainstream finance by considering sustainability issues

Sustainable Finance shows you how the study and practice of mainstream finance can be enhanced through consideration of sustainability issues. It is a one-year, full-time programme taught entirely in English. Graduates receive a Master's degree in International Business from Maastricht University with a specialization in Sustainable Finance.



Is Sustainable Finance Right for you?

This specialization is right for you if


  • you are intrigued by the the basic principles of sustainability and finance, and you want to know how the two can be interdependent

  • you want to know how your valuation, investments and financial decisions in general can be affected if you take environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors into account

  • you are interested in analysing and solving financial problems, in investment and general business contexts

  • you want to find out how finance can contribute to sustainable businesses and sustainable development

  • you want to place yourself in the best possible position to enter the new finance profession!

Fast Facts

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Course work involves 6 manda-tory courses, an elective, and a Master's thesis trajectory.


Our experts are recognized by the industry and co-founder of two leading reserach platforms.


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Admission criteria

Students who did not obtain their Bachelor degree from Maastricht University generally need a GMAT or GRE tests, but exceptions apply to certain "Hogescholen". See the official Maastricht University FAQ for more details.

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